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Orangina Naturally Juicy Ad (Vid) | Advertising Gone Wrong?

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Orangina Naturally Juicy Ad (Vid) | Advertising Gone Wrong?

I’m not a fan of Orangina, and this advertisement doesn’t really help much in that respect. The concept of anthropomorphism does not put me off, being a huge Disney fan and all but this really is taking things too far.

The ad is essentially an orgy with pole dancing flamingos, peacock showgirls, lap dancing octopuses and pandas being forcibly stripped. Don’t kids drink Orangina? I’d really like to know is how the client approved this, and how television networks cleared it and let it air.

I understand that the market in Europe is more liberal about this kind of thing, but it’s pretty off the wall even by their standards. It just seems a bit much for a bottle of orange juice.

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