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Watch ‘Lost’ Full Episodes Online in HD | Seasons 1-3 Now Streaming For Free


Watch ‘Lost’ Full Episodes Online in HD | Seasons 1-3 Now Streaming For Free


Just because bad-girl ‘Lost’ actress Michelle Rodriguez won’t be having any fun in jail, doesn’t mean that we can’t have any.

ABC is now offering the entire first three seasons for free in HD quality. With a deal as good as this, I wouldn’t be surprised if DVD sales plummet.


In order to get the most out of your experience and prevent horrendous lags, you’ll need to have a computer with all of the following:

  • Broadband Connection (2mbps or Higher)
  • At Least 128mb Video RAM
  • 1ghz+ Processor
  • 1300×770 Resolution or Higher

Lost Season 4 Extended Promo

Here is the 3 minute long extended promo for Lost season 4. This is going to be the final, and hopefully the best season. Can you feel the intensity?

The Good

  • HD Quality
  • 3 Full Seasons
  • It’s FREE

The Bad

  • Occasional Advertisements
  • Must Live in the United States
  • Must Install the Move Media Player Plugin

The Bottom Line

This is a huge step for ABC. Usually, the full episodes they offer on their site are only the past four most recent ones and they can only be seen in normal quality. Take my advice and watch these episodes while you still can. Sure, they’re up now, but when the new season begins, who knows?

[ABC HD Website]

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