10 Brilliant Treadmill Videos | From OK Go To Japanese Gameshows & Animals Having Fun

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10 Brilliant Treadmill VideosTreadmills have been around for a number of years now, and provide people with the ability to do some walking exercise from the comfort of the gym, or even their own home.

But, there are also other uses for them, from props in a music video (and spoofs), to screwing with animals heads, or even just messing around on.

Here are ten of the best treadmills videos on YouTube.

OK Go – Here It Goes Again

This started the trend, and is one of the most watched videos on the Internet ever. It helped make these guys – I myself bought two of their albums on the strength of it.

OK Go On Treadmills Lego Version

As with everything popular these days, there has to be a Lego version made, and this is the one for OK Go’s treadmill video. I don’t have the patience to make frame by frame animation such as this.

Nobody’s Watching OK Go

This was the best spoof of the OK Go video I could find. It starts off very seriously, and then goes slightly wrong, thus proving how talented OK Go really are.

Treadmill Bike

I want one of these! I can never understand why people drive to a gym, go on a treadmill for half an hour, then drive home. Why not just go for a walk in the first place! With this, you can cycle and walk at the same time.

Japanese Treadmill Challenge

This involves a giant treadmill, and those crazy Japanese who seem intent on turning every activity in to some sort of gameshow. No way would you get me attempting this.

Treadmill Fights Back

Did you think treadmills were innocent inanimate objects? Think again, as this one seems to want vengeance for being mistreated.

Using A Treadmill With Your Head

readmills are meant for your feet, simple as that. At a push I suppose you could kneel on one, but it wouldn’t do you much good. On no account should you ever use your head on one, as this guy found out to his cost.

Cat Using Treadmill

How to mess with a cat’s head 101 – Dangle a ball off the treadmill frame so it just touches the surface. Call kitty in to the room, and watch the fun. For added entertainment, play a cheesy 1980s tune over the top of the footage.

Dog Fighting Treadmill

This dog doesn’t so much use the treadmill as it does have a fight with it. With all the biting and snarling going on, you’d think it was the same treadmill the cat had used!

Horse Using Treadmill

And last but not least, footage of a horse using a specially built treadmill for training. I wonder what it listens to on its headphones while running?

Treadmills will never go back to just being an ordinary piece of gym equipment. OK Go have changed their very nature so that they are now a virtual entertainment centre sitting in the corner of the room. And I’m glad they did.

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