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10 Halloween Ghost Sighting VideosHalloween is upon us once again, and so it’s that time of year when we like scaring the shit out of kids, and making them feel better by giving them a few pieces of candy for the pain.

There are some great ghost videos on YouTube, some which could be real, some which are definitely faked.

But what they all share is a willingness to believe in some paranormal forces, and a desire to scare the crap out of everyone.

Here are ten of the best..

Ghosts, Spirits & Demons Video Compilation

We start with a well made video compilation showing various supposed ghost sightings and visitations. Some of these clips scared me a bit, the others just had me laughing at the stupidity of the people trying to fake it.

Direct Contact With A Ghost

This video features an investigation at a former World War 2 airfield. The ‘Real Ghost’ from the title of the clip ends up actually being a pair of orbs, so I suppose it comes down to whether you believe orbs are paranormal or not.

Ghost Picture Show

Something a bit different now, with a photo slideshow of some alleged real ghosts. Some of these look absolutely authentic, some look like being just tricks of the light or photo effects.

Most Haunted – Mary Loves Dick

Most Haunted is a paranormal investigation show in the UK. Here we see medium Derek Acorah channeling a spirit, a woman called Mary who apparently loves Dick… make of that what you will.

Most Haunted – Dundee

Okay, so I was a bit harsh on Most Haunted in the last clip by showing a funny moment, but some of the programs actually turn up some interesting stuff. This video shows a fascinating investigation in Dundee.

Brockamour Investigation

This shows what looks like an amateur investigation in to spirits at Brockamour Manor. A warning that the scariest thing in the whole clip is probably the oh so loud music piped in mid way through so turn down your speakers!

Real Ghost Picture Show

Similar to the earlier ghost pictures slideshow, this one is actually a bit more interesting, showing as it does some truly scary pictures framed within some excellent descriptions of what you are about to see.

Japanese Ghost Sighting

I think this is fake, it certainly looks like a film director’s effort rather than real footage. But it’s worth watching for those cute Japanese girls expressions as the spirit appears at the train window.

Real Ghost Caught On Camera… Hmm

It’s not, I know this, and you’ll know it after watching about 20 seconds of the video. But it did make me laugh for it’s utter ludicrousness. For starters why would you be casually filming the TV?

London Dungeon CCTV Ghost Sighting

I’ve saved the best until last. Seriously, if you haven’t watched the above video yet, then do so at your own peril. Be warned that it is VERY SCARY. I wouldn’t recommend anyone with a heart condition to watch it.

Now go and enjoy your Halloween, whatever you may be doing. Whether it’s trick or treat, a Halloween themed party or a local ghost hunt, remember to keep checking behind you at all times.

Photo courtesy of shortfatkid.

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