10 Kung Fu Videos

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Kung FuIt’s time for another selection of themed videos and this time it’s Kung Fu.

Here are 10 of the best Kung Fu videos from around the net including some clips from intense kung fu movie fight scenes, a kung fu monkey and real life Kung Fu clips.


Kung Fu Movie Clip – Fist of Legend

The last fight in the movie Fist of Legend where Jet Li takes on the General, it’s China vs. Japan.

Kung Fu Movie Clip – Shaolin Soccer

A video clip of a fighting scene from the movie Shaolin Soccer

Kung Fu Movie Clip – Kung Fu vs Yoga

A video clip from the movie KungFu vs. Yoga where a yoga master fights two Kung Fu fighters

Kung Fu Animals – The Kung Fu Cow

This hardcore cow knows how to give the punches!

Kung Fu Animals – The Kung Fu Monkey

Even a monkey can do KungFu and this monkey sure knows his moves!

KungFu Cantana

The French footballer performing his famous Kung Fu kicks on the pitch.

The Real Thing – Street Performers – Shaolin Kung Fu Monks

This is some guy sitting down and filming an insane Kung Fu street performance from the Shaolin Kung Fu Monks

The Real Thing – Chinese Kung Fu on National Geographic

Real Chinese Kung Fu with no special effects

Funny Video – Kung Fu Auditions

Lame but funny Kung Fu auditions

Carl Douglas – Kung Fu Fighting (1979)

You can’t have Kung Fu without the theme tune. Here is the 1979 music video

More Kung Fu Videos – Learn Kung Fu

This website has a decent selection of Kung Fu instructor videos. There are some quick and slick moves being pulled off in these videos.

And here is a bonus clip from a banned Kung Fu movie. It’s a bit gory.


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