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Media companies are turning out to be the corporate juggernauts of the 21st century. Whether news, music, video, TV, or movies, media is literally everywhere. We view it, share it, and download it on a constant basis. In an age where all sorts of media content is in demand all the time, anytime by consumers on a variety of platforms, media is an incredibly lucrative business to be in.

Ten media companies in particular have climbed and fought their way the top of the industry. However, the level of success these companies have achieved has not been attained without controversy. From Viacom’s aggressive and greedy copyrighting to News Corp’s phone hacking scandal, the biggest media companies have certainly taken some questionable measures to get where they are. Some of them have even resorted to content blocking during disputes and have even been accused of subliminal messaging! Here are the top ten media companies…and a few interesting facts about them.

10 Biggest Media Companies
Source: Best Communications Degrees

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