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Family Guy Fight

One of my absolute favorite TV shows is Family Guy. The show is off the wall and doesn’t hold back. It’s offensive, crude, and that’s why so many people love it–especially me.

What’s more fun than watching cartoon characters kick each other’s asses? Especially when they’re the characters from Family Guy. Sit back and enjoy animated greatness.

The Entire Family Goes At It

This is, by far, the best fight video that you’ll ever see coming out of Family Guy. Lois hits Peter, Peter hits Lois, and then the kids join in and begin throttling one another. In the end, it’s just a lot of excessive, politically incorrect, violent fun that end with Peter’s head through a painting.

Stewie and Brian Rumble

Poor Brian. He really doesn’t even see it coming. Stewie is awfully tight about his money and isn’t afraid to use physical force to get his dues paid. I can’t help but laugh my ass off when this little football-shaped-head baby smashes his glass of OJ on Brian’s head.

Peter vs. Chicken

Oh, the infamous chicken. Peter and the chicken have a deep history that all started with an expired coupon and raged on with pecking, punching, tripping, and ultimate chaos over a drawbridge. How very Stephen Seagal of you, Peter. Kick that chicken’s ass!

Lois vs. the Feminist

I get a special thrill watching Lois throw the first punch at this feminist Nazi’s bitchy little face. Watching two women fight (even if animated) will always be an entertaining and awesome event. If you don’t like cat fights, you’re just lying to yourself.

Chicken Fight Number Two

You know what that means. The chicken is back and ready to take on Peter again. The two break out their best tricks for this encore fight, including continuing the fight after falling into the filth of the sewer and wrestling sewer alligators.

[Model of Peter Fighting Chicken at Amazon]

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