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Nancy Grace Disses Paris’ Burger King Commercial | Only To Get Dissed Back (Vid)

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Nancy Grace Disses Paris’ Burger King Commercial | Only To Get Dissed Back (Vid)

I would say the reputation of the one-and-only Nancy Grace hinges on bitch and… bitch. That’s what all of her colleagues classify her as anyway.

This is a classic live news blooper as Nancy talks about Paris’ appeal on her recent conviction. Producers decide to play the well-talked-about Paris Burger King Commercial in the background as Nancy and guest talk about Paris’ jail sentence.

Nancy goes so far as to interrupt her guest to bitch out one of the producers, Elizabeth, for playing the commercial. Elizabeth listens and dutifully pulls the clip. Clip is gone, yet Nancy decides to continue her bitchfest, so Elizabeth gets ballsy and gives Nancy a taste of her own medicine.

Oh yea, wish I would have caught this live. I love it! Elizabeth may have lost her job over this one, but that is one hell of a way to go out. You know you like all that humping Nancy, you bad girl you!

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  1. upset waitress

    November 9, 2007 at 6:44 pm

    Hahaha tell me this wasn’t really on live TV? This has got to be a joke. Ahahaha. This is a hilarious vid of Nancy Dis-Grace .

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