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5 Top Japanese Game Show Clips | Hilarious and Cruel Game Show Videos

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5 Top Japanese Game Show Clips | Hilarious and Cruel Game Show Videos

Japanese Game Show

Japan is notorious for its out of this world game shows. This post gives you the best of the best–the most kick ass game show videos that can be found on the web.

Sit back, get ready to laugh, and be prepared to wish that you were from Japan.

Learning English

This game show sets up its contestants in a classroom setting. The contestants watch a video of fellow Japanese men and women learning the English language. If a contestant laughs, they are punished with a swift hit on the ass. Absolutely hilarious.

Library Gameshow

If you’re sadistic and enjoy watching others go through pain, then you’ll love this one. Pick the wrong card off the table, and get your nosehairs plucked . . . or worse.

Nut Shot

It seems as though only males are allowed to play this gameshow. Mess up, and you get hit in the junk. I especially liked this one.

Fitness and Exercise

This show puts young Japanese boys and girls against a monkey and a bulldog. That’s right: it’s humans against pets in this awesome gameshow! The sound effects are particularly entertaining.

Tilted Floor Cleaning

Dress your contestants in brightly colored bug costumes. Tilt a hardwood floor. Now make the contestants clean it, and hope they don’t fall off!

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