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Eye Music Network LogoThere’s a new contender on the block trying to compete with the likes of established Music TV channels such as MTV and VH1.

The Eye Music Network is a live streaming Internet music TV channel providing over 3,500 music videos to PCs, TVs and wireless devices.

At the moment Eye Music Network is available as a 24/7 live video streaming network, but doesn’t currently provide Video On Demand.

This is certainly a possibility in the future though and the company is looking at the possibilities of providing such a service.

There are sites that already offer music videos on demand such as SearchForVideo.

There are also alternative online music channels such as YMCtv available which may interest those of you in to Indie and Rock music.

An Alternative To Traditional Music Television

Eye Music Network has been set up to provide an alternative to the ever decreasing amount of music videos being shown on regular music TV channels, which are veering towards showing other lifestyle type programmes.

Eye Music Network on the other hand provide music videos all day every day, and nothing else.

I think this should prove a good move, as I know personally I like to watch music videos without the need for Video Jockeys and other types of programming

If Eye Music Network do work out a way of offering music videos on demand then even better, as you’ll then be able to choose your own choice of genre.

To watch Eye Music Network online, simply click here and fill in the required details. You will then be able to view streaming music videos online 24/7.

[Eye Music Network]

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