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5 Videos Of Cheerleading Disasters | Ready? Ok.

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5 Videos Of Cheerleading Disasters | Ready? Ok.

TX Cheerleaders

Many people do not appreciate the sport of cheerleading and belittle its merit and its worth. To deem it a sport is to go against the oath of athletes.

But if you really watch the training that goes into preparing these routines and stunts, just maybe you’ll look at the “sport” of cheerleading in a whole different way.

Well, these athletes, female and male, work hard to perfect their routines and their tumbling, and sometimes it pays off and sometimes it doesn’t, big time.

This compilation of videos features some of the biggest bumps, tumbles and falls, from amateur to professional cheerleaders.

No pain, no gain… right?!

Homecoming Queen Gets Run Over By Football Team

Can’t forget to include the classic vid of a silly cheerleading making a last minute adjustment to the banner that the football team is already running full force towards.

Cheerleading… V8 Style

Have you had your V8 today? Yea, ok, so this video might be sideways, but that is one hell of a fall! I don’t think anyone slowed down her momentum at all… you can even hear the thud.

Utah Jazz Cheerleader Gets Hit Mid-Air

Yep, even the professionals have their issues.

One University, Multiple Bloopers

And this compilation is just one team over the course of one year. Jeez, and people say cheerleading isn’t a sport. Let’s see you try it.


This compilation of cheerleaders and band members eating it says it all and is a great way to salute this post and all cheerleaders, everywhere. Thanks for the many laughs and snorts, and of course, those big stunts too.

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