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Guess This Song Video | Song Sung Backwards

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Guess This Song Video | Song Sung Backwards

Ok, so you are supposed to be able to listen to this song and tell what he is singing, but I think it would be helpful, for guessing purposes, that you know he is singing backwards and not in another language.

Hopefully that is the only reason I didn’t get it right away, and not because I’m just a dimwit today. Half way through the song, the video goes into reverse and it becomes clear as day as to which song this guy is singing.

Now that you’ve watched the video before reading everything I wrote, I would hope, you will see that it is the American National Anthem. And, you can tell it is just in reverse based on the actions the guy makes in the video… all for our viewing and awing pleasure.

That is quite impressive, and I’m sure it took quite a bit of time to master this, with the tones going in backwards mode too; but I can’t help but think that someone has entirely too much time on their hands. Must be nice to have that much time to play.

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