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Monkey Knife FightAnimals have always been a great source of entertainment and even more so when they get violent.

So I took a trip around the web to find some of the best animal fighting videos and here is what I found.

A Kung Fu Monkey video, some funny cat fights, a tiger fight and more.

Kung Fu Monkey Video

I showed this video in the Kung Fu videos post I made but I really liked it so just had to show it here again too! That monkey knows its moves.

Rabbits fighting – Chickens bring order

I wouldn’t peg a chicken as a bird that likes to break up rabbit fights but it does.

Tiger Fighting Video

It looked at a lot of tiger fighting videos and this was definitely the best with a clear and steady shot of these tigers fighting.

Cougar vs. Bear Video

This Cougar gets its claws right into this bears head

Ultimate Fighting Cats Championship

Up on the kitchen shelf these cats give it all they got.

Kung Fu Cat

This cat thought is had the upper hand with it’s Kung Fu moves, but the other cat has something up it’s sleeve.

Elephant thrashes Jeff Corwin from Animal Planet

Sometimes animals like to pick fights with people.

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