We thought Nancy Grace was one whacked out lady when she went bazerk over the Paris Hilton Burger King commercial being aired on her show; but wow, Chris Berman sure does give her a run for the money!

He doesn’t even have his hormones to blame as he goes mad over people moving in front of the teleprompter at the studio while he is trying to do his Monday Night Football recap. Be careful kids, this one ain’t censored.

At least this one wasn’t aired on live TV, unlike sweet lil’ angel Nancy Grace’s, but I still love to catch these people acting like children on tape.

I mean, how many people can really get away with acting like this at work? Just those high-need celebrities and the president, but my boss wouldn’t tolerate that kind of behavior out of me for two seconds, no matter how right I was.

Wish I could do this, just one time. Talk about a stress reliever.

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