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Amanda is one of the twins in the Big Brother house, along with Sam. They have now decided to be counted as one housemate who I like to refer to as Samanda.

But being twins and counted as one entity doesn’t mean you share everything, and Brian is one of those things which is off limit.

Brian fell in love with Amanda very early on in the show, and we all knew about it, all the other house mates knew about, and even Big brother knew about it. In fact only Amanda didn’t seem to realise his feelings went beyond friendship.

It took Brian until Day 70 to tell her how he felt, and a fair amount of cider to go with it. And they ended up alone in the caravan where they kissed under a duvet. Gerry realised what was going on and his reaction is priceless.

It was so nice to see Brian get the girl he loved, but it’s all gone a bit sour since. Amanda has now told Brian she “just wants to be friends.

I shouldn’t really feel bad for Brian as when he leaves the Big Brother house (possibly as winner) he’ll get more girls than he can handle… lucky guy!

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