Gerry Stergiopoulos Big Brother 8 Video| Condom Gate! Seany Puts A Condom On Gerry’s Monkey

39 sec read

Gerry is very sensitive about a lot of things that go on in the Big Brother house, but what really hits him hard is if someone interferes with his pet monkey Freddie.

That’s exactly what happens in this video, when Seany decides to put a condom over Freddie’s teddy head.

Unfortunately Gerry doesn’t take too kindly to the lighthearted prank and proceeds to give Seany and the rest of the house mates a huge lecture about the sanctity of his possessions.

All of the other house mates just sat there laughing, finding the practical joke highly amusing, and poor old Gerry had to eventually take it on the chin.

If you hadn’t already guessed, Gerry is gay. Not that I’m casting aspersions but there’s not many 30-something heterosexual males who carry cuddly toys around with them.

Seany on the other hand was just a big prat, and all he did while in the house was wind everyone else up. I couldn’t live five minutes with him, so it was no surprise when the public kicked him out. Gerry meanwhile is still there, having the last laugh!

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