I only discovered The Slo-Mo Guys a week ago, but following up the giant water balloon video I’ve now found another genius video worth watching.

This is like YouTube Gold: it features a cute cat, slow-motion, and a satisfying ending (he gets the ham).

If you want to skip just to the good stuff then the slow-motion kicks in from 40-seconds on. We then get to see Lloyd the cat scaling a six-foot fence at 2,500-frames-per-second, which is around 100 times slower than usual.

Having a cat of my own, I’ve seen this jump hundreds of times. However, it usually happens so fast and in such a fluid motion that I never get to see how he actually gets to the top of the fence. Now I know.

Am I alone in being amazed? I never realized it was a double jump, always thinking cats scrambled to the top. But no, they kinda hover in mid-air and manage a second jump to make the final bit. Which is awesome.

I love cats even more than I already did after this.

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