Justin Bieber, meet Jay Pharoah. You know that thing people keep telling you that you possess, but that really you don’t? Yes, talent, that’s the one. Well, this guy has it in spades. So pay attention!

For someone who hates Justin Bieber with every fiber in his being, I seem to spend an inordinate amount of time watching and writing about videos of him. Hell, he isn’t even big here in the U.K. Thank God.

This video sees Bieber hanging out with Jay Pharoah, the comedian and impressionist from Saturday Night Live. One person in that partnership is very talented, the other is a bowlcut-haired ladyboy.

Pharoah has an amazing talent for impersonation. And he can probably sing better than Bieber can as well. Oh hang on, we can all do that, and without the need for someone just off camera squeezing our testicles.

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