Amazing Street Drum Solo Video

40 sec read

This video had me sat watching with my mouth open wide, as this guy’s mad drumming skills are awesome.

You see all sorts of different people on the street around cities across the world, playing instruments and busking for money, it’s better than begging anyway.

Some of these people display such incredible talents that it makes you wonder why they aren’t making real money from it, rather than just loose change thrown at them by a few generous passers by.

This guy’s hands are virtually a blur as he plays a drum solo matching anything I’ve seen on Live Earth over the weekend. And the fact he does it using some turned up old plastic containers makes me respect him even more.

If you watch closely, you’ll also notice the way he alters the sound of each hit by skillfully lifting the side of the makeshift drum with his foot, giving a more or less bassy sound as he sees fit.

He’s an incredible drummer, and while he may be no Dave Grohl, I could see him in a band, and making a lot of money from it!

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