Now say hello to the new Anchorman 2! With the second title of: “The Legend Continues.” Though sad for us, there’s not much info given about the plot line and the trailer is even more vague with that comedic beat-around-the-bush technique. But whatevs, we’ll know soon enough!

So let’s give some useful information to the new release eh? Here’s what we really know: It’s directed by Adam McKay and produced by Judd Apatow. the film is a sequel to the 2004 film Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy. We’ve got a stellar cast including Jim Carrey, Harrison Ford, Liam Neeson, and what? Nicole Kidman?

Then of course there’s the usual four amigos involved: Will Ferrell, Steve Carell, Paul Rudd, and that other really funny guy from “The Goods.” Get ready for some gut busting laughs!

We only have like half a year to wait! Or to be more precise, the movie will be released December 20th of 2013. So hurry up and get a group together. The lines are gonna be long and the tickets are gonna be sold out. That’s a guarantee.

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