Apple iPhone Itemised Bill Video | Woman Receives First iPhone Bill

32 sec read

The initial flurry of Apple iPhone excitement and furore is over, done and dusted, in the past. Now we get down to the bare bones every day minutiae of having one, starting with the bill.

This woman was so amazed at the size of her bill, she decided to video herself opening and browsing through it.

At over 300 pages long, it’s the biggest phone bill I’ve ever seen, in fact, the biggest bill of any kind I’ve ever heard about. How many friends does this lady have exactly?

This bill is almost as long as a Harry Potter book, just without the lame ending intended to please all the 8 year olds around the world.

We finish with the phrase at the end of the video, “Use e-billing. Save a forest.” Never a truer word spoken. Al Gore need to have a word with AT&T because these bills will end the world!


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