Apple iPhone Magic Video | Fun iPhone Applications

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This is a very cool video showing some of the best bonus applications on the Apple iPhone.

This guy bought an iPhone on the day of release and promptly stood outside of the Apple store in Soho demonstrating some of the cool bonus features.

The first thing you’ll notice about this video is the guy’s ultra annoying, whiny voice. He sounds like an ewok on speed.

Once you get over that, you can start watching some of the rather cool but pointless stuff he does and every Apple customer can do with their brand spanking new iPhone.

First of all we have the coffee, which fills your phone up with drink, and then using tilt sensor technology, you can simulate drinking it from the corner. Why you’d want to do this is a whole different question, but hey, it may float some peoples boats.

Next is the shaver… an even more pointless exercise which simulates a shaver in your phone, well it mimics the sound at least. If a pair of blades shot out the top enabling you to actually shave on the way to work, then it would be worthwhile.

Next is my pick of the bunch for utter pointlessness, the X-Ray feature which, as far as I can tell actually just turns your hand green. Fun, but not really my first consideration when buying a new phone.

The phone magician finishes with the coin trick, which isn’t even worth mentioning because it is just so lame.

I don’t doubt the Apple iPhone is great, but I don’t foresee it putting David Copperfield out of business any time soon.

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