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Banned ‘Boondocks’ Full Episode | Spoof Bashing BET Leaks Online

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Banned ‘Boondocks’ Full Episode | Spoof Bashing BET Leaks Online

Apparently, the the higher ups that run the BET television network can’t take a joke. When a promo clip of the show that involved a fictional hunger strike was released, CEO Debra Lee and president Reggie Hudlin threatened to sue the producers for defamation.

You won’t see this episode anytime in the US, but you can still catch it here on WebTvHub.

The episode parodies the CEO as Dr. Leevil (the black version of Dr. Evil) and even changes BET’s slogan to “BET: You Niggas Have Nothing Better To Watch.” For those of you that live outside of the US, you should know that BET is often criticized for promoting negative black stereotypes.

If you ask me, it was only a matter of time before somebody else in the media said something.

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