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Precilla Presley on Dancing With The Stars (Vid) | How’d She Do?

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Precilla Presley on Dancing With The Stars (Vid) | How’d She Do?

There are some celebrities that are good this season, and some that aren’t so good; but none was I more curious about than Precilla Presley.

Curiousity about this woman is built up from her intriguing past and her shyness from the limelight, and she came out on the dance floor with stronger moves than I thought; but I also thought the judges had a little inclination toward her.

I didn’t think she had more presence than the Three Men and a Baby 80’s star, yet she garnered much higher marks.

Her dance moves were pretty good, but her stage presence was, well, a little boring. Is it just me or did the judges go super easy on her?

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Wezi Frye

    April 20, 2008 at 6:48 pm

    I had not watched Dancing With The Stars and had not ever really been interested in Precilla until I found out that she was to appear on this program. WONDERFUL, I thought !!! I did not miss one episode. So interesting until they voted her off. I thought this was just the end and it was for me. I havem’t watched it swince. I thought , even though her song was slow and did show all of the movements ( but ) you just let any of the other contestants dance to this song and see how she rates amonge them. Top !!!! i AM SURE. sHE IS SO BEAUTIFUL IN HER OWN WAY, ACTIONS DANCING AND PERSONALITY. aS FAR AS i AM CONCERNED SHE IS NUMBER ONE ALL THE WAY THROUGH. sHE ALSO HAS AND HAD A VERY GOOD PARTNER AND i AM PLEASED TO SAY THEY ARAE NUMBER ONE IN MY EYES. rEALLY SORRY THIS HAPPENED TO HER AND HOPE SHE CONTINUES TO DANCE. sHE’S THE BEST

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