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Barrack Obama For President! | 5 Videos Making Me Warm To The Democrat Candidate

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Barrack Obama For President! | 5 Videos Making Me Warm To The Democrat Candidate

Barrack Obama For President!Barack Obama is currently vying with Hilary Clinton to be the Democratic candidate in the 2008 Presidential election.

A lot has been made of the fact that Obama could become the first black or African American president of the USA.

Although I don’t think it should be the most important thing, there’s no doubt it helps build a feeling of modernisation, and equal rights for ethnic minorities in the country.

As a Brit I can’t actually vote for any of the candidates, but that doesn’t stop me having an opinion, and my vote would go to Barack Obama. So here are five YouTube videos which have helped make Barack Obama the man for me… but not in that way of course.

Ted Kennedy Endorses Barack Obama

Ted Kennedy may be getting on a bit, but that doesn’t stop him having an opinion, and the fact that the Kennedy clan still has a certain sway in American politics, this ringing endorsement for Obama as their candidate of choice is important, and very uplifting.

Obama Girl Performs ‘I Got A Crush On Obama’

This video has nothing to do with politics of course, and you’d be stupid to base your votes on a spoof music video. It does however make me laugh, and let’s be honest, Barack Obama is a very good looking man… just don’t tell my girlfriend I said so.

FOX News Smear Campaign On Barack Obama

FOX News is hardly known for its fairness and open, and honest debate, especially when it comes to politics. There’s a definite conservative agenda going on, but this latest smear campaign on Barack Obama has been by far the messiest and ridiculous to date.

Barack Obama Reads The Letterman Top 10

This video achieves nothing more than making me see that Barack Obama has a sense of humour, and an ability to laugh at himself. Being a normal, well adjusted human being is surely a pre-requisite for being president, and in this case, Obama is the anti-Bush!

Obama’s Victory Speech In Iowa

This victory speech after winning the Iowa caucuses is one of the most intoxicating, and motivational speeches I have ever seen, and certainly beats any of the other candidates. People have said there are traces of Martin Luther King in here, and I have to agree with that assessment.

I hope Barack Obama secures the democrat candidacy, and then goes on to win the presidency later this year. Not only do I think it’ll be good for US politics, I think it’s the result the rest of the world are hoping for.

And don’t forget that whatever happens, finally we’ll be saying goodbye to the waste of space that is George W. Bush… and that’s got to be good.

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  4. victor owens

    February 25, 2008 at 6:51 pm

    What does Hilary Cliton has to offer America that she could not offer during her husband eight years presidency. Hilary is greedy and power hungry. she proves this to the world when she refused to be addressed as First Lady during her husband 1st term instead she wanted the name ‘The president Associate’ She just want to answer the name President

  5. victor owens

    February 25, 2008 at 7:13 pm

    Hilary keeps talking about ‘experience’according to her she has visited more than eighty countries and known these leaders- visits which she was opporturned to make during those eigt years of her husband Presidency but she is so myopic so much so that she forget that its been sixteen yrs now since that joly ride round the world and that these old folks are no longer there , ‘there has been a change’and that is what Barrack is talking about -CHANGE- The world is tired and bored with the CLITONS FACES

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