Posted in: Awesome Videos to Watch Now, Cool Tricks & Pranks, News and Video On Demand by Kristy Pruitt on October 22, 2007

Have you ever gone to the bar and downed several drinks, but still found yourself surprisingly coherent? Maybe you’re building up a tolerance. Or maybe you didn’t have as much alcohol as you thought you did. Here you can see some ways that bartenders can short drinks right in front of customers.

There are lots of honest bartenders out there. But as with any profession, you might run into an unscrupulous one at some point. The things they do in this video are quite clever, and they’re hard for a sober person to pick up on. Someone who’s already tipsy probably wouldn’t stand a chance.

So if you’re at an unfamiliar bar, you might want to opt for beer. Or bottled water. At least then you would know with a fair amount of certainty how much alcohol you’re getting.

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