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Leprechaun Sighting Video | News Report Shows Hillbillies Believe Anything

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Leprechaun Sighting Video | News Report Shows Hillbillies Believe Anything

Now that UFO sightings are cliché, the latest of public “paranormal” sightings have been somewhat unusual. Nessy? Too 80’s. Bigfoot? So 90’s. That leprechaun on ‘Lucky Charms’ cereal? Now THAT’s cool.

Where oh where, you may ask, do these sightings take place? Only in Alabama of course.

Is it just me, or do news reporters always interview the stupidest people? “Eyewitnesses” seen in this video are no exception. “It’s a shadow from a limb” claims one eyewitness. “[It’s] prolly a crackhead!” claims another.

Some local residents are so convinced in the sightings that they’re plotting to uproot a tree where the “leprechaun” was sighted to get its gold. “I wanna know where da gold at?” demands one local.

Too bad it disappears in flashes of light; otherwise we’d have something for the history books. Though the ‘Amature Sketch’ itself is pretty convincing, I’m still not buying it. This has to be unreleased footage from “Chappelle’s Show”.

Leprechaun Rap Video

And if you love hip-hop, you’d better check out this. Watch out 50 Cent!

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1 Comment

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