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Beijing 2008 Olympics YouTube ChannelThe Beijing 2008 Olympic Games has now kicked off, with the spectacular opening ceremony setting the stage for two weeks of sporting action.

There are many ways of watching footage from the Games on the Web, which we have tried to summarise in this post detailing the legal and illegal ways of doing so.

YouTube Channel

YouTube is one of the options, but action from the actual events is only available on the video sharing site if you live in one of the countries where an official deal hasn’t be brokered with another service.

However, there is an official YouTube channel for the Games which is available to all – ytsummergames has news videos, interviews, behind the scenes interviews and analysis.

Beijing 2008 Opening Ceremony

The videos are provided by a number of news organisations, including Associated Press, New York Times, and Reuters.

This channel won’t be for all, but for those of us who want to find out more about the Games, and hear what the athletes have to say, it is a nice alternative to NBC’s official coverage.

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