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Best Fails Of 2009 Compilation Video = Funny

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Best Fails Of 2009 Compilation Video = Funny

There’s something so wrong about watching people crash, fall, and slip themselves closer to an early grave. And yet we as a human race cannot get enough of it. Which is why there are so many home video clip shows on the TV.

But even they have been superseded by the Internet these days, with more funny videos showing people’s mishaps and misfortunes online than you could possibly ever watch.

This Best Fails Of 2009 compilation video, however, is one you should definitely take the time to watch in full.

This is almost seven minutes of continuous mayhem as people accidentally make themselves look like complete tools. Sometimes due to an accident, sometimes due to an aborted stunt gone wrong.

I remember some of these clips from last year but most are new to me. Which means fresh meat to watch being hurt. Sadistic? Not really, just amused to see people doing something badly. Although some clips do make me wince.

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