NB: This is an interactive trailer for Just Cause 2, and will therefore navigate away from this page.

Just Cause 2 is the sequel (hence the 2) to the well-received original which was released in 2006 on PC, PS2, Xbox, and Xbox 360. The Just Cause 2 demo hit the PS3 and Xbox 360 today (March 4).

Although the demo has hit today, the full game isn’t released until March 23.

Rico Rodriguez once again returns as the protagonist of the game, this time seeking to overthrow Baby Panay, an evil dictator.

The game works as an open sandbox, so you move your character around the game world until you find something interesting to do. Which with Just Cause 2 usually involves killing people with some kick-ass weapons.

Just Cause 2 won’t be for everyone but that’s what both the trailer and the demo are for, right?

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