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BlueCollarOrDie: Redneck Humor Videos | Like FunnyOrDie, But With Hillbillies


BlueCollarOrDie: Redneck Humor Videos | Like FunnyOrDie, But With Hillbillies


Will Ferrel must be having the time of his life. Aside from making over 20 million dollars a movie, his site FunnyOrDie just celebrated it’s one-year anniversary and has reached over 30,000 original comedy videos.

The latest OrDie offshoot isn’t too far from Ferrel’s usual material. Only this time, it features three other comedians: Larry the Cable Guy, Bill Engvall and Jeff Foxworthy.

Much like FunnyOrDie, BlueCollarOrDie features original Blue Collar Comedy exclusives as well as user-generated content. Each day, the site is updated with new shorts written by the blue crew’s team of writers. While the most popular popular videos only have gained thousands of views via the official site, many of them have been more popular on sites like YouTube.

Rating System

The rating system is also similar to most OrDie sites, however, this time there is a redneck-twist on the names. Notice how each rating is named after a horse and, rather than dying, the videos get sent to the “Glue Factory.”

  • Chosen Ones: Chosen by the staff and exempt from votes
  • Thoroughbred: Highest Rated with over 100,000 views
  • Stallion: Between 3 and 4s
  • Mustang: In limbo, it’s fate is in your hands
  • Nag: About to die
  • Glue Factory: Dead horse

Lesbian Disguise Kit

This is the highest viewed video on BlueCollarOrDie which stars Larry the Cable Guy. “If you’ve every been blown off in a bar, this is for you!”

[Visit BlueCollarOrDie]

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