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Shocking Man Trapped In An Elevator For 41 Hours Video | This Could Happen To You

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Shocking Man Trapped In An Elevator For 41 Hours Video | This Could Happen To You

Back on a Friday night in October 1999, 34 year-old Nicholas White decided to take a cigarette break. Little did he know it would take 41 hours.

This video is a sped up version of the entire footage of his horrible experience. We already know how uncomfortable elevators are, but something like this is pure hell.

You may be wondering how a person could find themselves in such a situation. The building this incident occurred in wasn’t a run-down complex at all. On the contrary, White was a production manager for Business Week, whose offices were located in the McGraw-Hill building in mid-town Manhattan.

If you watch the other three boxes carefully, you can see maintenance workers come and go, not even paying attention to car 30. This video only proves two things: 1) no one watches those security cameras, and 2) those intercoms don’t do a damn thing.

After this occurred, White quit his job and tried to sue Business Week for 25 million dollars. Unfortunately, the case dragged on for four years and they settled for a paltry price. “Barely six-figures,” says White who is still unemployed after nearly a decade.

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