Posted in: Awesome Videos to Watch Now, Celebrity and TV, News and Video On Demand by Kristy Pruitt on September 5, 2007

Poor Brad Pitt. He may be a rich and famous movie star, but he’s been through his share of tough times. He’s had a dumb criminal use his picture on a fake ID, and here you see him nearly get mauled by a fan at the Venice Film Festival.

The lady in this video is apparently really excited to see her favorite movie star in person, and she makes no bones about it. It’s hard to tell whether she has been planning a sneak-attack makeout session with him for months or is just overwhelmed by emotion, but her plans get quickly thwarted when she is led away by security.

It must be difficult to have to worry about this sort of thing happening whenever you venture out in public. But that’s the price one pays for fame and fortune.

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