We remember the days when Britney was just funny crazy, not crazy crazy; and that was also the days of her short-lived TV show with her ex-hubby, K-Fed, and the constant video taping that he did of her.

Am I the only one that would be freaked out if a camera was on me 24/7? Must be, but I regress. Here is some of that infamous footage, showcasing a strange Britney that may be on some sort of hallucinaton.

It’s a sad day when Britney comes off as dumber when the battle between dumb, K-Fed, and dumber takes place. I can only conclude that she is most definitely on something.

You know, I read somewhere that you must be an adult when you feel more sympathy for this poor girl than anything, and I’ve definitely opened that chapter in my life. How is it that I keep hearing her “new hits” on the radio? She just baffles me.

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