Alfonso Ribeiro is best known for his role as Carlton Banks in the classic American comedy The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air alongside Will Smith. But he did have a career before that show ever aired.

As well as releasing some songs as a kid, he also advertised this break dancing instructional kit. This advert is brilliantly old skool, and completely dated when you watch it back.

If you take Alfonso’s advice and buy this package off him at the incredibly low price of $19.99 you too could start to imitate Michael Jackson and do the Moonwalk, or look a complete ass as you hump the floor while doing the Centipede.

I’m sorry but how long are those kids spinning for? It looks like they are either on castors, or the video is stuck on repeat!

So Will Smith has a massive Hollywood career under his belt, and a hot wife. Alfonso Ribeiro meanwhile can look back and tell his kids he was responsible for thousands of white children being ridiculed for having afros in the 80s.

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