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Provocation Hall | Online TV Show from PalTalk Feat. Avery Krut and Amanda Crumley


Provocation Hall | Online TV Show from PalTalk Feat. Avery Krut and Amanda Crumley

Provocation HallPal talk is, in a phrase, the home of revolutionary internet television. The website allows users to interact in live video sessions via video chat.

It will be releasing several original shows throughout this month, including MusicScene and Hollywood Now with Joanne Colan, two internet TV shows that I reported on earlier this week.

One of PalTalk’s newest shows is Provocation Now, a weekly show co-hosted by Avery Krut and Amanda Crumley. The pair will take on a new controversial issue each week, debating different sides and giving viewers a chance to interact and engage during the live show.

Avery Krut is a man of much experience, and he is not one to back down to a fight or debate. Amanda Crumley has served on three presidential and numerous local campaigns, giving her experience and knowledge about politics. Crumley also served four years in the White House during Clinton’s days.

This show will give you a chance to engage in some intense social and political discussions. The first episode of Provocation Now airs September 20th at 8 pm.

To take part in the live interaction, you will first need to download and register Pal Talk for free.

I really like the idea behind this show. It gives the newer generations a place to discuss their thoughts and ideas about what’s going on in the world today.


[Provocation Now]

[Download & register with Pal Talk for free to watch the show]

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