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Carole Vincent Big Brother 8 Video | Carole Strips & Gives Ziggy A Lap Dance!

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Carole Vincent Big Brother 8 Video | Carole Strips & Gives Ziggy A Lap Dance!

If you haven’t clicked the Play button and watched this video yet, then I’d urge you to do so, it’s a hot women stripping! What more do you want?

OK I lied, she’s not hot, but she is stripping. This is Carole, the 2nd oldest house mate behind Lesley, doing a strip tease in the Big Brother house, much to the delight (read revulsion) of all the rest of the assembled house mates.

Well actually, both Ziggy and Liam seem to have got a bit excited over the whole thing. You know you’ve been cooped up in a confined environment without sex for too long when the sight of a 53 year old fat woman turns you on.

Ziggy is the lucky one (read unlucky) as the full front on action, which ends with Carole giving him a lap dance of sorts. Well, he gets the grand canyon sized cleavage in his face anyway.

Ziggy had already spent weeks sleeping in the same bed as Chanelle at this point, and allegedly got some action from her, although she denied it in her interview.

Amanda just sits there looking very uncomfortable, maybe she was wondering whether to do the same trick for Brian. Now that’s a video I wouldn’t mind seeing.

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1 Comment

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