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Skip (Tim Meadows), Xavier (Marc Evan Jackson), and Paul (Bob Dassie) are the one and only Carpet Bros. Though, it’s easy to mistake these rug salesmen for a bunch of stoners from the disco era.

So how do three complete idiots end up with a carpet business? Their dad dies of course!


Rancho Cucamonga may have passed away due to a drug overdose, but his $31,000 debt still lives on. As it turns out, their father wasn’t as innocent as they thought. He may have written “Rugs Not Drugs,” but he was certainly an addict.

Produced by 60Frames and starring former Saturday Night Live stars Tim Meadows and David Spade, this series is destined to be a success. Yet, for some reason I barely laughed during the first webisode.

Carpet Brothers: Webisode 1

This first webisode of Carpet Brothers premiered on 60Frames last week. Aside from the great production, I honestly can’t say that I found this funnier than any other indie series. Hopefully, the next episode will be more fulfilling.

[Watch ‘Carpet Bros’ at 60Frames]

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