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Cross My Heart is a fictitious pop group that is determined to take the world by storm by spreading the word of Jesus through song. Jesus People is the web series that “mockuments” their trials and tribulations as a new band.

Think of it as an even more pathetic Making the Band-type show. Only, P.Diddy ain’t got nuthin on these Jesus freaks.


The characters include a bunch of cliques. For example, the dumb blonde that everyone loves to push around, and the insecure emo Christian guy with a dark past. Even though the group is almost destined to fail, they maintain their optimism.

But their smiles are all shown through gritted teeth. As the band’s overbearingly happy manager states, “We’re not here to judge people’s ideals. We’re here to say that one’s not good and this one is.”

Familiar Guest Stars

Positive hopelessness isn’t the only aspect of the show that makes it funny. In almost every webisode of Jesus People, you’ll find a recognizable guest star:

  • Stephnie Weir of Mad TV
  • Kate Flannery of The Office
  • Victoria Jackson of SNL
  • Deborah Theaker of Waiting for Guffman
  • Tim Bagley of Knocked Up and Will & Grace

Episode 1

This is the very first episode of Jesus People that debuted on the Independent Comedy Network back in April. Even though the primary cast is filled with unknowns, the chemistry caught on camera is undeniable.

[Watch “Jesus Freaks” on IFC]

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