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Fans of the sci-fi spoofing web series ‘Cataclysmo and the Time Boys’ can rejoice. As of last week, the second arc of the story began titled ‘Cataclysmo and the Battle for Earth’ or simply ‘Cataclysmo II.’ This time our heroes return to save the Earth from the post-apocalyptic effects of the dooming Cataclysmo.

Oh, and did I mention the fact that everyone on earth has turned into gorillas?

Cataclysmo II was created by WebSerials, the same folks that brought you the teen-comedy spoof ‘Nora Breaks Free.’ Main characters Johnny, Bucky, and Samantha resemble your typical cast in a low-budget sci-fi flick, only they’re actually trying to over-act.


Expect each 6 minute episode to entail at least a few sci-fi cliques: evil apes, a plot that involves the end of the world, a hot girl, laser weapons, and random mindless proverbs. New episodes debut every Friday and will continue for the next six months until all 24 are broadcasted.

Cataclysmo II: Episode 1

This is the premiere episode of season 2 just released last week. In this episode the effects of Cataclysmo are revealed and the trio have to fight with an army of apes. Think of it as a battle from 300, but with laser guns.

[Watch ‘Cataclysmo II’ on YouTube]

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