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Posted in: News, Online TV Software & Tools and TV Software Reviews by Dave Parrack on August 26, 2008

Blaze Media ProKeeping track of all the software required to manage your digital media content can be an absolute nightmare. But there may be a solution at hand.

If, like me, you are someone who is addicted to entertainment in all its various mediums, you probably have a number of different applications installed on your computer to manage them all.

You tend to need one piece of software for converting audio files, another for converting video in to different formats, another to burn and rip these files, and yet another to edit videos.

But maybe there is a solution out there which can fulfil all of your multimedia requirements.

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Posted in: News, Online TV Software & Tools, TV Software Reviews and Video Downloads by Chris Tew on January 12, 2007

TVTonic recently announced the latest version of their software this week. Its pretty slick with a beautiful interface that works with Microsoft Media Center and the Xbox 360. TVTonic allows you to subscribe to video episodes and watch them through a DVR esque interface. Before I head straight on with the review I’ll introduce you to online video and RSS (scroll on if you’re already familiar).

Internet Video and RSS

Internet Video Episodes, Vodcasts, Videocasts and Video Blogs are pretty much the same thing. They are on-demand videos available through the internet with new videos added on a regular basis. Many of these Vodcasts use an RSS feed to allow you to subscribe to their videos so you can watch new videos as they become available.

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Posted in: Internet TV Tips, Legal and Piracy, Online TV Software & Tools and TV Software Reviews by Chris Tew on October 16, 2006

The new controversial TVUPlayer has appeared on the internet and could be the TV studio’s biggest enemy since Napster. This new player allows you to potentially watch any television channel in the world on your PC.

Channels featured on TVUPlayer currently include CBS, ESPN, NBA TV, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, Comedy Central, Disney and more, including sports channels.

This already impressive lineup of channels is available from any internet enabled PC in the world and could potentially expand to include many more channels.

It is my understanding the system works where one person records live TV and streams it to the internet. This stream is then redistributed by other people who are watching the channel.

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