Celebrities Without Make Up Compilation Video | Inc. Paris Hilton & Britney Spears

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I love this video, as it completely demolishes the myth that celebrities always look their best, regardless of the situation. No they don’t, they have off days, spots and bad hair days like the rest of us.

Obviously some of the celebrities in this compilation video come across better than others, with some actually looking prettier without the make up and sparkle.

Britney Spears was having a shocker the day this picture was taken, but then again, she seems to have had quite a few off days recently. At least they didn’t use a certain picture that we’ve all seen too many times.

Eva Longoria just looks plain, and if she passed me in the street without the make up and fancy designer dress on I’d think she worked at the local supermarket.

Jennifer Lopez goes from looking like a glamour puss, to being a house maid. She should watch this to catch a glimpse of her possible future career.

Kate Moss has something wrong with her nose, ermmm, maybe we should gloss over that.

Tyra Banks ends up looking like she’s seen a ghost, or maybe she’s just passed a mirror and seen that scary face looking back at her. I certainly wouldn’t want to wake up next to that in the morning.

Some do look ok though, with Catherine Zeta Jones and Victoria Beckham both looking nicer without layering the foundation on. It must be a British thing… natural beauty!


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