Girl Fight Video | Not Your Average Hair-Pulling Contest

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I know, I know, it’s another girl fight, big deal. Believe me, most of the time they bore me to. It’s a novelty, so I’ll crowd around like everyone else to watch one if it breaks out, but usually it just ends up being a pretty weak-ass hair-pulling contest. Not so with this clip.

These girls aren’t being catty, or bitchy. Those are condescending terms used by men when we describe women in a bad mood. These girls aren’t in a bad mood. They’re on a rampage, and I’ll be damned if they both can’t throw a punch.

I’m not talking figures clasped around their thumbs punches thrown in the windmill method. I’m talking, two girls squaring up and blasting one another with some solid jabs and hooks.

For that reason these girls deserve some accolades. Some might call them brutal. Others might call them uncivilized. I call them a couple of young ladies with some real heart.


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