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Chris Rock Cusses at Live Earth Concert in Wembley Stadium (Videos)

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Chris Rock Cusses at Live Earth Concert in Wembley Stadium (Videos)

Apparently this short stint by Chris Rock at Al Gore’s recent Live Earth concert was an accident waiting to happen.

You can hear Chris say, “Oops, I almost fell there,” but what we can definitely hear is “Buy small-ass cars” and like none of us have ever heared the two words – Mother F’er?! Who knew two little words could cause the whole world to turn upside down?!

Come’on people, you can’t be serious. Hell, I know there has been worse language used on TV, and it appeared the BEEPer was fully functional and working that night and viewers didn’t hear anything anyway.

You go Chris, rock on and keep a rockin’ those cuss words, as people need to pull their finger out of their ass and quit being a bunch of hypocrites. Oh yea, not such a bad thing to build awareness on Global Warming either!

So you say you can handle it? Here is a funny animated spoof about it…

And here is a Celeb TV clip of the incident. “He will not go UNPUNISHED!” Insert rolling eyes here.

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1 Comment

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