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South Park Evolution Video | Mr Garrison’s Interpretation Of Evolution

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South Park Evolution Video | Mr Garrison’s Interpretation Of Evolution

This is a classic video clip from South Park, where Mr Garrison (with the help of Mr Head) explains his warped theory of evolution while standing there in a dress.

The first sentence is kinds true, with all of us being fish, and then it sort of goes wrong from there. Two of the fish had a retard baby apparently… I bet the political correctness mob loved that one.

How to explain us evolving from fish to land dwelling animals? Well, the retarded fish baby obviously climbed out of the water using his mutant fish hands, isn’t it obvious!

And then butt sex comes in to play, with the fish apparently enjoying some anal action with a squirrel or something similar.

What makes this clip all the more funnier is the constant throwing back to the kids faces, where they are all sat completely still wondering what on earth their teacher is going on about.

The theory ends with the line “You’re the retarded offspring of 5 monkies having butt sex with a fish squirrel.” Only South Park could get away with that one!

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