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Classic Music Played by New Musicians at

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Classic Music Played by New Musicians at

FanCovers is a website that could easily be compared to YouTube; however, this new site focuses on music, musicians and music fans.

FanCovers gives amateur musicians the opportunity to share their music online, whether it be their own music videos or live performances.

The site recently launched its beta service, and by just looking at it, I could already see that it’s in need of a revamp. I’m not picky; I don’t need anything flashy, but at first glance, I thought the website was one of those spammy sites that you see all over the web.

FanCovers features amateurs performing cover songs. As of now, the selection of videos to watch is limited; however, I was psyched to see some of the music that’s coming out of these amateurs. I only wish that the songs wouldn’t keep skipping.

Coldplay Cover by Specialk

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