Posted in: Awesome Videos to Watch Now, Babies, Kids & Parenting, Music Videos, News, Talk Shows and Video On Demand by Lauren Katulka on August 14, 2007

We’ve all seen child prodigies on television chat shows before, but none quite like Ethan Bortnick. I was quickly won over by this six-year-old cutie when he appeared on The Tonight Show by Jay Leno.

Ethan shows none of the pretentiousness so typical of child geniuses. He’s actually very funny and incredibly honest, particularly when describing his distaste for Aerosmith.

While he’s a very charming guest, Ethan’s there because of his piano prowess. This kid has memorized more than 200 songs, including pieces by Scott Joplin, Mozart, and Bach. Ethan then shows he’s more than just a jukebox by playing one of his original compositions.

I was memorized watching his tiny little fingers making such beautiful music. We’re definitely going to hear more from this mini maestro in future.

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