Barack Obama knows there are serious problems at the heart of America, and is trying to fix those that need fixing the most. However, not everyone agrees with his methods, and they aren’t afraid to voice their oppositions in public.

The one issue which has really divided the United States people is the proposed healthcare bill. The Republicans really don’t like the bill, and they have plenty of supporters eager to get out and show their opposition to it as well.

That’s why yesterday saw a Code Red Rally converge on Washington D.C., with people making clear their opposition to the healthcare bill. The so-called Tea Partiers chanted “Kill The Bill” in an effort to sway voters in the House from voting for the bill to pass.

The healthcare reform bill is expected to be voted on by the end of this week, with Obama and the White House expecting it to pass. If it does, then expect more of these kinds of protests from the right wing.

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