Chatroulette Piano Improv Video | Random Chat With Strangers Becomes Inventive Song

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Chatroulette is a Web service which connects you and your Webcam to strangers also with Webcams. Essentially, it’s the online video equivalent of Russian Roulette. And it’s a hell of a lot of fun. And very addictive.

Chatroulette has also inspired musicians to take their talent online as a test of their improv skills. We’ve already seen an improv rapper and now it’s the turn of an improv pianist.

This guy is arguably more talented than the rapper, but probably not as funny in the things he says or the way he delivers the lines. Still, it’s very entertaining.

My favorite are the three girls who like hearts, hands, and the number three. And I get the feeling they really liked our intrepid pianist.

I want more of these videos – they’re the best thing about Chatroulette!

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