I’m not one to preach on the perils of corporal punishment, but one could certainly make a good argument against it with the contents of this video. It shows a father going ballistic in his teenage son’s high school, sparing the rod for no one, not even the principal.

The whole incident erupts out of a phone call made on behalf of the school to the father in regards to the son missing class. The father, being a hands-on kind of guy, marches right down to the school to take care of it.

Instead of snapping up the kid by the ear or giving him a wrap on the head, he picks the kid up by the shirt and throws him on the secretary’s desk. After which he proceeds to smack the shit out of him and anyone else who gets in his way.

Oh, but wait, it turns out the school made a mistake. The kid made it to class after all. Whoops.

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